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Owner and founder of Reign Performance Training, Zack uses his athletic experience as the foundation to all of his training programs.  After enduring multiple severe injuries that ultimately ended his playing career, he prides himself in the ability to provide long-term, pain-free training, while optimizing the performance of all of his clientele. Whether you are a professional athlete, or simply just someone looking to live their life pain and stress-free, Zack's programming will help you find your balance, and ultimately take your training to the next level. His knowledge and expertise has set Reign apart in the industry.  He looks forward to continuing to gain, and share, this knowledge with his fellow trainers and of course, all of you!

University of Louisville

Football Team: OLB/DE '07-10

M.S. Exercise Physiology

B.S. Exercise Science/ Sports Admin.

Former H.S. All-American: Football/Basketball

Zack Kiernan

Zack Kiernan: Testimonials
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